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Jun 26

How to Forward a Domain Name

How To Forward a Domain Name If you are with a Direct Sales Company and you have a replicated site link you are better off purchasing a Domain Name and forwarding it to your replicated site. Why? First it looks cleaner and more professional.  When you come into contact with new prospects and you tell …

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May 07

Before Quitting….Ask Yourself This…

Before you quit your Network Marketing Business, ask yourself this. As someone who has been in Direct Sales and Network Marketing for about 18 years now, and been with almost as many companies I’ve learned that there has always been one reason why I quit any one of them. Have you been thinking about quitting …

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Apr 30

Why & How You Need To Build a List For Your Direct Sales Business

This video says it all, be sure to share and leave a comment if you’d like FREE training on the details of setting up your opt-in offer with auto responder! Don’t forget to Comment below and SHARE this post, if you’d like to learn HOW to create your own opt-in offer and auto responder series …

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Apr 03

Looking for Blogging System Testers!!!

Calling all Direct Sellers!!!! Hey all, I’m putting the word out. My Blogging Boot Camp system is almost done but before I release this program for sale at it’s regular full price, I’m looking for those who want to be my guinea pigs.  I need 10 people who would like to purchase the Blogging Boot …

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Mar 20

Why I wanted to Work From Home

Ever since I had my first Part-Time job as a Teenager I’ve wanted to work from home.  Since then the reasons have matured and changed slightly but the core reason remains the same.  I really dislike working for someone else.  If I’m going to bust my butt, instead of minimum wage and making a company …

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