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May 14

What to post on your Facebook Fan Page

When you are in direct sales and are using facebook for your business you tend to see many others in your company and hundreds of others doing the same thing.  One thing I’ve noticed lately is so many people are simply posting the WRONG things.  It’s a waste of time and effort if what you …

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Apr 30

Why & How You Need To Build a List For Your Direct Sales Business

This video says it all, be sure to share and leave a comment if you’d like FREE training on the details of setting up your opt-in offer with auto responder! Don’t forget to Comment below and SHARE this post, if you’d like to learn HOW to create your own opt-in offer and auto responder series …

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Apr 11

How To Schedule Your Facebook Posts

There is no excuse for not posting regularly to your Fan Page.  You can schedule your posts for the day in about 5 minutes.  Schedule them for the weekend if you don’t want to worry about family time or even schedule your fan page posts for the entire week. This video shows you exactly how …

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Apr 08

How To Create a Facebook Fan Page

I see many in direct sales incorrectly create a second personal page for their business and call it a fan page.  This is not what a fan page is, and I don’t think this is intentional, but if you just don’t know and no one tell you, how can you know? This is where this …

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Mar 25

Direct Sales Facebook Fan Page Faux Pas, and How NOT to do them

Time and time again as I’m on facebook viewing other Mompreneur’s fan pages I notice the same critical errors being done over and over again.  And if I could spend all day sending everyone messages advising them to make simple changes I would, but that itself would be a Full Time job, plus I think …

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