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Jun 26

How to Forward a Domain Name

How To Forward a Domain Name If you are with a Direct Sales Company and you have a replicated site link you are better off purchasing a Domain Name and forwarding it to your replicated site. Why? First it looks cleaner and more professional.  When you come into contact with new prospects and you tell …

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May 14

What to post on your Facebook Fan Page

When you are in direct sales and are using facebook for your business you tend to see many others in your company and hundreds of others doing the same thing.  One thing I’ve noticed lately is so many people are simply posting the WRONG things.  It’s a waste of time and effort if what you …

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Apr 30

Why & How You Need To Build a List For Your Direct Sales Business

This video says it all, be sure to share and leave a comment if you’d like FREE training on the details of setting up your opt-in offer with auto responder! Don’t forget to Comment below and SHARE this post, if you’d like to learn HOW to create your own opt-in offer and auto responder series …

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Apr 25

How To Handle Most Objections in Direct Sales or MLM

We’ve all heard the most common objections in MLM: I don’t have the time I don’t have the money I tried before and didn’t make anything Is this one of those pyramid schemes? I’m not into sales I wouldn’t be interested in something “like that” Knowing exactly how to handle such objections is HUGE in …

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Apr 14

Be A Direct Selling Superstar

There are a few books that I personally adore when it comes to getting the right mindset and education to grow your business.  From time to time I’ll post a blog post recommending these books. The first book I want to recommend is called: Be a Direct Selling Superstar by Mary Christensen. This book will …

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