May 07

Before Quitting….Ask Yourself This…

Before you quit your Network Marketing Business, ask yourself this.

As someone who has been in Direct Sales and Network Marketing for about 18 years now, and been with almost as many companies I’ve learned that there has always been one reason why I quit any one of them.
Have you been thinking about quitting the company you are with? Are you ready to quit because you aren’t seeing any results?  Are you blaming the company, your upline, or the products for that struggle?

Unless the company you are with has closed it’s doors more than likely the REAL reason for your struggles and ultimate thoughts of quitting aren’t from any of the above mentioned reasons, but the same as all my reasons (even though I never realized or admitting this at the time)!  That reason is YOU!

YOU are the reason.  Plain and simple.  There is only one thing that determines if you will be successful or a failure.  And that is YOU!

askyourselfSo you need to ask yourself ONE question:

Have I really done everything in my power to ensure I am a success?

It may seem simple, you may instantly be saying “yes, I have” in your mind right now.  You could be saying several of the same excuses I used to say such as:

  • I don’t know enough people
  • The people I know can’t afford it
  • People don’t show up to parties
  • I’m posting ads on facebook but no one buys
  • I’ve tried everything
  • My upline quit

That’s just a few of the things even I have uttered over the years.  Reality is, those are excuses, not the cause.  I was the cause.  Have you really done everything you can?  Have you educated yourself on the things the top earners are doing?

Do you blog for your business?  Create consistent videos? Invite people to the tools your company has? Do you follow up with all customers and prospects? Are you building a list and consistently being in contact with that list? Do you have an opt-in offer? Are you being PERSONAL on your facebook fan page?  Are you teaching your Team to Duplicate?  Are you attending webinars and events every week?  Are you reading Self Help and Motivational books?

There are so many things you can do, and as I grow, I’m learning more and more of them and applying them, and they are helping my grow my business even more.  Had I known what I know now it would have been possible to turn each one of those failures right around to a huge success.

Too many give up without really trying to work their business the same way the Top Earners do!  And that’s a shame.  They give up on what can be absolutely, mind-blowing, fantastically, amazing.  And it really saddens me when I see the great potential walking away without another glance.

So, remember to ask yourself if you have really done all you can do to be successful with your business, and only if you really have, should you consider quitting.  But I guarantee a HUGE majority of those that are doing everything they can do ARE seeing success and wouldn’t walk away from it.