Apr 03

Direct Sales is about Sharing NOT Selling

Direct Sales is a Business of Sharing not Selling

Time to Share Along the road on my journey in Direct Sales I’ve talked to prospects and reps on my own team who have said to me “I’m not a salesman” or “I don’t like to sell to people”!  But reality is Direct Sales is NOT a business of selling, it’s a business of sharing.  Sharing your story, sharing your results, sharing your dreams, and sharing them in the right way so they are found, seen and listened to, by the people who relate to you.  It’s sharing who you are that inspires people to join you and start their own journey, whether that journey is using a product or joining an opportunity or both.

When others in primary company say they are new and not getting any customers, and I ask them what they’ve done so far to share, it’s usually the same answer.  They posted on their personal facebook profile, maybe created a fan page and invited those friends, maybe even joined “like ladders” to get fans, and then wonder why they can’t get sales.

You really need to sit down and write a marketing plan.  Create a Daily Plan of Action, and stick to it.  So what are the ways to share your story?

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Meetings/Parties
  • Craft & Vendor Shows

You don’t need to spam websites and groups, in fact I think they are a waste of time and only annoy people, and that’s not your intent.

But you have to understand that sharing one video or one post doesn’t mean sales will come rolling in.  It does take time.  I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase: “Planting Seeds” before and it really is true.  It took a solid 6 months of showing my weight loss results with my companies product before it began bringing me a large number of Customers and Team Members came to me, and they did because not only were they able to SEE my results before their very eyes, but they were able to get to know me, my personality, and want to work with me.

It’s important that when you put yourself out there that you let your personality shine through and let people relate to you!  And as you keep doing this, the rest will follow.  Give it time, don’t give up, and you’ll have the success you want.