Jun 26

How to Forward a Domain Name

How To Forward a Domain Name

If you are with a Direct Sales Company and you have a replicated site link you are better off purchasing a Domain Name and forwarding it to your replicated site.


First it looks cleaner and more professional.  When you come into contact with new prospects and you tell to go to www.usename.yourcompanyname.com it sounds long and complicated.  That alone is enough to have people forget it.  But if you have something, short, sweet, and keyword relevant such as: www.Mysite.com it’s easy to remember and you are more likely to see that person visit your site.

If you’ve never purchased a domain name or set one up for Forwarding before you might feel overwhelmed or just plain lost.  You may give up and never do it simply because of the hassle.  But it’s actually easy!

Next you need to search for a domain name.  You can use www.DomainSearch.com or GoDaddy directly.  Either way I always 100% recommend you use GoDaddy to purchase your Domain Name.  It’s simple, their back office stuff is easy and clear, whereas others, even to me get me confused and annoyed.  You can get your domain name directly at GoDaddy for just $1.99 a year by clicking the link:

Special Savings! $1.99 .COMs now at GoDaddy!

But just to help you, watch this video.  I show you step-by-step how to purchase a domain name at GoDaddy and how to Forward it to your Replicated Site!

As always be sure to comment below and let me know if you have any questions!!!

And don’t forget, sign up to get your domain name at GoDaddy here:Special Savings! $1.99 .COMs now at GoDaddy!